Road Trip(s)

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15th November – 22nd December 2019
Solo show
Galerie David Pluskwa (Marseille – France)

  I did my first road trips in the street where I grew up. I would go up and down again in scooter, roller skates or bike. My readings of the time sublimated it, sorts of road novels of the past: Tom Sawyer, Nobody’s Boy, The Famous Five, Jack London, Davy Crockett… Jules Verne of course (maybe because I am from Nantes), whose Extraordinary Voyages (Around the world in eighty days to start with) fueled my imagination. Then, I traded my bike for a moped and the perimeter of my trips extended from my small street to the city center and suburbs. Kerouac replaced St Exupéry and Jules Vernes, and records piled up on my record player: Route 66, Born to be Wild, The Long and Winding Road, On the Road again, Tobacco Road and the sublime National 7 by John Renbourn… Beyond Nantes, we made our first family road trips in my father’s Citroën DS (an ID 19 to be precise) and my mother’s Citroën 2CV, which became my own clunker. Before I got behind the wheel, I traveled a lot with my thumb up, a bag pack and a guitar strapped on my shoulder. Since then, whether with my wife or my children, we have added more miles to the counter, always eager to discover the surprises that awaited us further down the road. At each new road trip, the images that flashed on my retina reactivated those I had stored in a corner of my brain over the last decades: James Dean, Steve Mc Queen and Patrick McGowan behind the wheel, Brando, Elvis, Peter Fonda, Denis Hopper and Mike Wilhelm on their machines, the mirages on the roads of Zabriskie Point, Paris Texas and Bagdad Café, the VW Type 2 in Monterey, Woodstock and Little Miss Sunshine, the highways in Stranger than Paradise, the great open spaces of Into The Wild… I have also seen gypsies in trailers on small Irish roads, overloaded donkeys on the Atlas trails, rickshaws in China, clusters of bikers on Californian speedways, mods driving Lambrettas in Brighton… But, when forced, road trips are not as much fun. Of course, there is still a promised land at the end, but they often tragically end in the back of a semi-trailer or an inflatable boat…

Jef Aérosol

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