No(W) Future

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Solo show

Galerie Zimmerling & Jungfleisch (Saarbrücken – Germany)

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Jef Aérosol was twenty in 1977 when the punk wave hit Europe, creating a new aesthetic. His first stencils in 1982, were heavily influenced by Rock n’ Roll, especially by the punk-rock movement. Then spraying his screaming faces and famous slogans from the era like “No future“, “No fun“ or “Destroy“. Since then the artist’s influences have varied, but music stays his primary source of inspiration. Forty years have gone by since the punk year of 1977, nevertheless the importance of it to Jef’s work, is still visible. “No(w) Future“ revisits this punk imagery and its icons like the Sex Pistols, Nina Hagen or the Clash and Johnny Thunders. Although the CBGB or the Roxy are no more, their memories live on.

Europaallee 27d
66113 Saarbrücken
Tel: +49 681 – 38 37 89 88

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